I was going to post this on Facebook as a status update in response to the current meme going around but it seemed a bit long-winded for that forum. I posted a shortened, edited version there but here’s my response in it’s entirety.

Shane Litz just gave me and ten other people the number 7. I’m not sure you’re supposed to hand out these magical, insight-revealing numbers en masse but I’ll play along. If I’m understanding the meme properly, here are 7 things about me that most of you don’t know. As a bonus to start things off, this won’t be a lighthearted, whimsical read because that’s just not me.

  1. My degree is in English with a creative writing minor and my career is actually in online marketing. Most people think that I’m in “the computer business” for numerous reasons but that really just rates as my biggest hobby.
  2. I’m terrible with people’s names. I can remember all kinds of details about the article that I just read on Search Engine Optimization, but if I meet someone today I probably won’t remember their name tomorrow.
  3. Even if I do know your name, it’s a rare occasion when I will use it in a conversation with you. If I’m talking to you, I will look you in the eye and you’ll know I’m talking to you – no need to clutter the conversation with it. If there are multiple people around and I can’t make eye contact, I might deliberately throw your name in for clarity. If I am looking you in the eye and use your name, I’m trying to emphasize my point and I don’t think you’re getting it. Oddly this quirk doesn’t seem to apply to my nieces and nephew.
  4. Pushing 40, the only thing I really feel missing in my life are children of my own. I don’t think I need to expound on that one.
  5. My three favorite words are ‘poignant,’ ‘epiphany’ and ‘brilliant’ which all contributed to the title that I came up with for my blog, “Finding That Brilliant Idea.” Although they are my favorite words, I don’t use them often. ‘Really,’ ‘actually’ and ‘probably’ are the three words that I constantly find myself editing out of things that I have written because I’ve used them too much.
  6. I do not like watching or following any kind of sports. I’m not in very good shape, but I would still much rather play baseball, basketball or football than watch it on TV. I also don’t own a single hat, sweatshirt, t-shirt, mug, etc. with a team logo on it.
  7. If you’ve read this far, you know I like to write but given the scarcity of content on my blog, I don’t do it often. A few years ago, I started to make plans to go to Florida to see the final Space Shuttle launch. For several reasons that didn’t work out so I made plans to at least watch the live video stream online. That didn’t work out either and I subsequently wrote a blog post that turned into an essay about regrets. The essay, “Running with Scissors,” detailed three moments of regret in my life and that introspection had a rather profound impact on me and the way I look at regrets. You now know #3 but very few of you reading this will ever know #1.

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