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Jay A. Moore


I was going to post this on Facebook as a status update in response to the current meme going around but it seemed a bit long-winded for that forum. I posted a shortened, edited version there but here’s my response in it’s entirety. Shane Litz just gave me and ten …

Pet Peeves Never Die

So, I’m sitting at the drive through window flipping through Facebook updates on my phone to kill time while I’m waiting for my heart-attack-in-a-sack. I hear the window flung open accompanied by a grating little squeak as if the building itself can’t do anything more than utter a whimper in …, You’re on Notice!

As an online marketing professional, I’ve been reading a lot of buzz about how Pinterest is the next big thing for social media. From the articles, I just wasn’t getting the the concept – pinboards where you pin stuff you love… Sounded simple enough but how could that compete with …